The effectiveness of Reasoning Mind’s approach to blended learning has been extensively studied, with over ten high-quality research studies conducted to date—far more than is typical for educational programs. Most importantly, many of these studies were conducted by independent evaluators or published in peer-reviewed outlets. The findings are clear: when implemented well, Reasoning Mind programs have been shown to improve students’ overall math results, knowledge, attitudes, and engagement.

Case Studies

Our long-term partners have achieved success using Reasoning Mind to prepare students for algebra, boost achievement of at-risk learners, and enrich after-school programs.

Student Achievement

Reasoning Mind students have been shown to achieve more growth than their peers on state standardized assessments, norm tests, and the Singapore Math placement test.


Reasoning Mind’s success has been documented and researched. These studies examine effectiveness according to many different metrics, including standardized test results and students’ attitudes.

Reviews and Awards

Our comprehensive solution for improving mathematics education has earned strong support from educators, philanthropists, and academic researchers.

Student Engagement

Reasoning Mind has been shown to dramatically increase student engagement and time on task compared to the conventional classroom and other blended learning programs.