A Blended Elementary Math Curriculum
for grades 2-5
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Lead your students through a first-rate math curriculum
Reasoning Mind Foundations is a blended learning elementary math curriculum focused on developing the number and operation sense, critical thinking abilities, and problem-solving skills students need to be successful in later grades. With Foundations, students learn math in an engaging, animated world at their own pace, while teachers use the system’s real-time data to provide individualized instruction.
A student answers a problem in the computer-based elementary math curriculum program, Foundations, by Reasoning Mind.
World-Class Curriculum
If you want your students to reach their full math potential, they need a world-class elementary math curriculum like Reasoning Mind Foundations.

Foundations is an elementary math curriculum based on the instructional practices of the world’s best math classrooms. Our team of mathematicians, curriculum experts, and master teachers developed a comprehensive blended learning program designed to increase your students' understanding and enthusiasm for mathematics. For more specifics on the curriculum, visit our list of objectives here.
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A student enjoys answering a problem in the computer-based elementary math curriculum from Reasoning Mind.
Teacher PD
And Support
The teacher is the most important aspect of any successful classroom. That’s why we partner with schools to offer professional development and support throughout the year.

Schools receive several support options with Foundations, available in a variety of formats and customizable packages. These include trainings; professional development workshops; facilitated teacher collaboration sessions; guided instructional planning and data analysis; in-classroom observation, coaching, and modeling by Reasoning Mind program experts, and more. No matter your math needs, our support team is there to help your students succeed.
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Screenshot of a computer report teachers can use to see their students' progress in the elementary math curriculum.
Data-driven Instruction
Foundations helps you easily track class and student progress, so you can spend less time identifying knowledge gaps and more time resolving them.

With Foundations, data-driven instruction becomes a reality. You'll have access to customizable reports, interactive dashboards, and hundreds of progress metrics. By leveraging available data, you can individualize instruction for each student—identifying areas for intervention as well as enrichment. Administrators, too, can easily monitor student progress across a grade level, campus, or district.
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Bar graph showing the progress students made in math by using Reasoning Mind's elementary math curriculum, going from less than 50% "advanced" to more than 72% "advanced" in three years.
Reasoning Mind’s effectiveness has been extensively studied, and our results have been reviewed by renowned firms like SRI Education and WestEd.

Students using the Reasoning Mind Foundations elementary math curriculum have been shown to outperform their peers on a variety of assessments and performance measures. You can read more about our effectiveness by visiting our results section, which includes several independent evaluations, case studies, and published articles. When implemented well, Foundations improves students’ performance, engagement, and interest in math.
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A young girl focuses on solving a problem in Reasoning Mind Foundations, a computer-based elementary math curriculum.
Personalized Learning
Your students all have different strengths and weaknesses. Foundations adapts to each student so that material is presented at the level that’s right for them.

The same material that seems difficult to your struggling students might seem easy to your most advanced students. Foundations analyzes students’ performance in real-time and adjusts problem difficulty levels accordingly. The program also diagnoses student weaknesses, alerting the teacher and automatically moving students to prerequisite material before allowing them to move on. With Foundations, your students’ math experience is personalized to meet them where they are, and to push them to the next level.
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A young female student yells in excitement after getting a problem correct in Reasoning Mind's computer-based elementary math curriculum, Foundations.
Do you want your students to be engaged in math class? Foundations has been shown to dramatically increase engagement and time on task.

In 2013, a study by the Baker Lab at Columbia University’s Teachers College found that Foundations was highly engaging for participating students. The study reported average time on task of 89% for Foundations students—substantially higher than studies of conventional classrooms and other blended learning programs. Foundations’ interactive interface, self-paced learning, animated characters, and built-in incentives will result in an immersive math experience for your students.
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Teacher testimonial: Reasoning Mind has been a great program for our students. We've seen higher student engagement, and there is a strong balance of problem-solving, note-taking, and most importantly immediate feedback. Other programs penalize learns for errors; Reasoning Mind reteaches concepts using a model that students love. - Chi Kim, Former Superintendent.
Testimonial: Today's children have to be taught how to think and reason, and Reasoning Mind does that, and it carries over to other subjects! They are working problems I never would have thought they could, and their confidence is growing." - Tonya Tomes, 5th Grade Math Teacher
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