Blended Learning Math Curricula for Grades 6-7
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Lead your students through a first-rate math curriculum
Reasoning Mind Edifice is a middle school math curriculum focused on developing the knowledge students will need for later success in algebra and other advanced courses. Based on a large body of research regarding social interaction in learning, the innovative platform simulates the experience of learning through small-group discussions led by a recurring cast of expert tutors and virtual peers. The immersive, personalized environment engages students, and allows classroom teachers the opportunity to use the system’s data for targeted intervention, enrichment, and instruction.
World-Class Curriculum
If you want your students to reach their full math potential, they need a world-class math curriculum like Reasoning Mind Edifice.

Edifice is a middle school mathematics curriculum based on the instructional practices of the world’s best math classrooms. Our team of mathematicians, curriculum experts, and master teachers developed a comprehensive blended learning program designed to increase your students' understanding and enthusiasm for mathematics—particularly as they prepare to take Algebra I—known as the “gatekeeper” course to college. For more specifics on the curriculum, visit our list of objectives here.
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Teacher PD
And Support
The teacher is the most important aspect of any successful classroom. That’s why we partner with schools to offer professional development and support throughout the year.

Schools receive several support options with Edifice, available in a variety of formats and customizable packages. These include trainings; professional development workshops; facilitated teacher collaboration sessions; guided instructional planning and data analysis; in-classroom observation, coaching, and modeling by Reasoning Mind program experts, and more. No matter your math needs, our support team is there to help your students succeed.
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Personalized Learning
The Edifice platform is one of the most unique in blended learning—allowing students to learn through small group discussions with expert virtual tutors.

In the Edifice platform, students participate in daily small group lessons led by a recurring cast of virtual instructors. The lessons automatically adapt to individual students’ strengths and weaknesses, providing more advanced material when students are ready. Students can personalize their avatars and biographical profiles, monitor their daily and summative progress, and unlock virtual prizes by earning points through effort and performance. Teachers can create customized tests and assignments based on individual needs, and spend more time in one-on-one or small group discussion rather than whole class lecture.
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Your students will be more focused than ever with Edifice—which has been shown to increase time on task by up to 25% compared to the conventional classroom.

In 2013, Reasoning Mind's researchers published a study in collaboration with the Baker Lab at Columbia University’s Teachers College that found Edifice (then known as “Genie 3) highly engaging for participating students. The study found that Edifice classrooms “outperformed a traditional classroom on key indicators of engagement, including time on-task, engaged concentration, and boredom.” Edifice's interactive interface, simulated peer-learning, vibrant characters, and built-in customizations will result in an immersive math experience for your students.
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Edifice helps you track your students’ progress through every lesson, so you know when–and where–your students need you.

With Edifice, data-driven instruction becomes a reality. You'll have access to customizable reports, interactive dashboards, and hundreds of progress metrics. By leveraging available data, you can individualize instruction for each student—identifying areas for intervention as well as enrichment. Administrators, too, can easily monitor student progress across a grade level, campus, or district.
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Every child can succeed in math. Reasoning Mind Edifice will reinforce a growth mindset for your students—emphasizing hard work and effort over innate ability.

Research shows that students do much better in school when they have a “growth mindset”: that is, when they believe they can become more knowledgeable and intelligent through hard work and perseverance, rather than relying on innate or “fixed” ability. Our program team carefully designed Edifice to reinforce and foster a growth mindset for students. Several analyses have now shown that after using Edifice, students have a more malleable view of intelligence and an improved sense of mathematical self-concept.
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Quick Facts
Grade Levels Available:
  • 6-7 (core)
Technology Requirements:
  • Runs on desktops and laptops
  • Requires internet connection
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