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Reasoning Mind Blueprint is an online, supplemental software program for students in pre-K through first grade that covers the skills and knowledge that are essential to future success in mathematics. Students are immersed in a virtual world much like the real world – allowing them to connect the mathematics they are learning to their everyday surroundings. The program builds conceptual understanding through a combination of educational animations, instructional exercises, and detailed explanations. And beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, Blueprint will also be available in Spanish!

Screenshot of a student screen in Blueprint, where they use paint cans to see that "4 + 1" is equal to "5"
With Blueprint, students progress through a carefully-designed curriculum consisting of more than 2,000 exercises per grade level. Topics covered include: numbers, operations, geometry & spatial sense, logical reasoning, measurement, algebraic thinking, and the program places a special emphasis on how to solve word problems.
A young student learns math with Blueprint on a tablet.
Blueprint is built with web-based, HTML5 technology, and is accessible from a standard web browser on a variety of computers, laptops, and tablet devices - there are no apps to download and no software to install. And touch-sensitive screens ensure the program is user-friendly for even the tiniest hands!
A screenshot of a teacher dashboard in Blueprint, which shows student performance data and classroom progress.
At-a-glance indicators let teachers provide just-in-time support while students are actively working in the program. The Performance dashboard gives teachers the ability to dive into both whole-class and individual student performance when they have more time, such as during their planning periods.

See How Blueprint Works

Quick Facts
Grade Levels Available:
Technology Requirements:
  • Runs on desktops, laptops, and tablets
  • Requires internet connection
  • View detailed technology requirements here
Common Uses:
  • Preschool Classrooms
  • Elementary Schools
  • Early Learning Centers
A kindergarten student learns math with Blueprint, and pumps his fists in excitement.
A first grade student learns math with Blueprint, and solves a shape problem at a desktop computer.
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