How deeply do you differentiate for 100% of your students?

Our curriculum programs like Reasoning Mind Foundations and Reasoning Mind Edifice will help you do just that.

If a student is struggling on a topic, our programs will not only help the student on that specific topic, but they will also diagnose any learning gaps that may be contributing to the student’s struggle. When the system finds a learning gap, your teacher account is alerted so you can plan for small group or one-on-one intervention. Simultaneously, the system will reteach the diagnosed topic to fill in the student’s learning gaps.

If a student is doing well on a topic, Reasoning Mind’s curriculum programs like Foundations and Edifice will give enrichment material on that topic. In this way, advanced students are guided to go deeper in each topic before going farther/faster to the next topic. The enrichment material includes a combination of multistep problem solving, higher-order thinking, and more advanced computations.

Reasoning Mind’s programs are built with artificial intelligence that adapts to your students just as you would. The system does this while fully informed of every student’s past study history of all the topics. This allows the system to craft an individualized learning path for every student based on their unique strengths and weaknesses, freeing you to do what you do best – teach.

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