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October 31, 2014

Study: Neuroscience myths persist among teachers

Looks like some teachers may need to refresh their neuroscience knowledge. A recent study, ” Neuroscience and Education: Myths and Messages ,” from a researcher at the University of Bristol revealed that many teachers believe incorrect myths about how their students’…

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September 26, 2014

Teaching Character

Do you remember the life lessons your favorite teachers taught you? Around the office, we have fond recollections of such teachers – the ones who taught us to keep our temper, to bounce back after failure, to work hard. These teachers…

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September 19, 2014

Click to Learn: Student Engagement in the Digital Age

Education technology is here to stay. Teachers, parents, and principals today recognize how technology can aid in learning and boost achievement. This is not possible, however, if students are not deeply engaging with their digital curricula. But how do you…

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August 29, 2014

Study: Children’s Brains Change as They Learn Mental Math

“No fingers, no calculators, and no pencils.” Teachers everywhere can be heard saying this refrain before drilling students on math facts, and a new study has shown how students’ brains change as their mental math skills improve. “We wanted to…

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