A Few of Our Favorite Moments from 2016

January 4, 2017

Reasoning Mind Holiday Card

2016 was a year of big achievements for everyone here at Reasoning Mind. We produced a brief documentary to spread the word about our mission, created a new program for students in grades PK-1, and—most importantly—helped provide a first-rate math education to over 125,000 students across the nation. As we get 2017 off to another great start, here’s a look back at some of our staff’s favorite memories from the last twelve months:

Headshot of Reasoning Mind employee Desiree Sowards.

“Check out this link – this is one of the students I help support! So proud of her! First place in the state at Math Field Day, among many other STEM accomplishments!”

Desiree Sowards, Implementation Coordinator

“’I love everything about [Reasoning Mind]! I wouldn’t teach math ever again without it!” That was a quote from a teacher that visited the Reasoning Mind Community webpage today!

Beau Lord, Partner Support Manager

“I recently visited a kindergarten class that’s piloting Blueprint [Reasoning Mind’s new PK-1 program] – and loving it! I sat next to Julian, who was showing me how “Ruby” works (that’s what he calls Blueprint). At one point, the program asked him to put some objects in “increasing order.” Julian misheard the instructions and decided to put the objects “in crazy order.” After Blueprint replayed the instructions and gave him another chance, Julian got back on track, but from now on when I hear “increasing” I’ll always think “in crazy.”

James Talarico, Executive Director of Central Texas

Headshot of Reasoning Mind employee James Talarico.

“Today I was chatting with a 3rd-grade student during a classroom observation. I asked him if there was anything he would like me to ask or tell the Genie. He said, ‘Can you ask [the Genie] to add more Level-C problems? I just feel like there aren’t enough and I just really like to be challenged.’ Definitely made my Monday morning.”

Implementation Coordinator

Headshot of Reasoning Mind employee, Jill Mailing.

“One of my schools launched their after-school tutoring setup this week, and was sharing how much they absolutely love Reasoning Mind Tutoring [tutoring we offer through our system by professional tutors employed by Reasoning Mind]. They said they wished they could have more time with our tutors, so we decided to pilot Reasoning Mind Tutoring as part of their existing after-school program. A number of students stay until 5:00 PM every day, and a teacher trained in using Reasoning Mind happens to oversee the 5th-grade students who participate. I’m excited to see how it goes over the next few months!”

Jill Mailing, Senior Implementation Coordinator

“Last week I conducted a training session for a prospective partner in North Texas. Within the first 10 minutes, teachers were ready to sign up! I thought one teacher was going to give me a hug when she realized how easy and accessible the login process would be for her kindergarten students.”

Rob McNeely, Partnership Team Manager

“After I shared some reports with a principal in West Virginia, she stopped, looked at them, and said without hesitation, ‘These reports mean something to me because they show me that the students are getting it. Your reports mean more to me than the end-of-year standardized test scored, and I’m going to keep all of them in my data binder.'”

Audrey Pitonak-Goff, Regional Manager for West Virginia

Headshot of Reasoning Mind employee Audrey Pitonak-Goff
Image of the Genie and a Reasoning Mind student being presented an award from a teacher.

“The Genie had a busy time in West Virginia! We visited eight schools together, and presented awards to students and classes for achievements they have made in Reasoning Mind this year. The students were so excited to meet the Genie and I hope they truly felt celebrated! Lots of hugs and high fives were given.”

Implementation Coordinator

Thanks to all of our partner teachers, administrators, and other educators for a great 2016—here’s to an even better 2017!

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