West Virginia GenieCon Starts Tomorrow!

October 10, 2015

In West Virginia, hundreds of teachers and thousands of students are currently benefiting from Reasoning Mind. For that to happen, a host of people contribute their skills, resources, and expertise. From the teachers who take the time to devise creative interventions for their students, to the mathematicians who ensure the program’s mathematical correctness; from the researchers who study student engagement, to the superintendents who champion the program; from the leaders who direct the Reasoning Mind team, to the students who work hard to seize a first-rate education in mathematics—Reasoning Mind’s success depends on the support of partners throughout the education sphere.

We don’t often see many of our teammates, although we’re all working toward a common goal. That’s why, this weekend, we’re gathering at our first-ever West Virginia GenieCon!

At GenieCon, participants will connect over a shared commitment to high-quality math instruction. We’ll learn from each other, share insights, discuss how to continue to collaborate, and celebrate our progress toward providing a first-rate math education for every child.

In the week leading up to West Virginia GenieCon, I decided to ask some of the soon-to-be attendees what they were most excited for. Here were their responses!

Audrey Quote

Dussy Quote

Genie Quote

If you’re excited for GenieCon, you can follow the live tweet of the event tomorrow (#GenieConWV). We’ll also be posting on Facebook.

GenieCon, here we come!

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