Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: Second-Grade Teacher Crystal Smith

May 7, 2015

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are highlighting another wonderful teacher from West Virginia, Crystal Smith. Ms. Smith teaches 2nd grade at Milton Elementary in rural Cabell County.

The classroom management system she uses with her students is one of the best we have seen. She uses Genie Bucks as the primary incentive in her classroom. Students receive Genie Bucks for a variety of positive behaviors, including coming to school each day as well as maintaining accuracy and completion goals in RM City. Classroom rules are also reinforced using Genie Bucks, and students may receive a “fine” for not following a rule. Every aspect of Ms. Smith’s behavioral system ties back to a Common Core standard, particularly money. She explains to her students that coming to school is their job and that Genie Bucks are their salary.  What do students do with their accumulated earnings? Students have a variety of choices; they may pay “admission” for Fun Friday activities every other week or save their Genie Bucks to convert to points for the RM City Shopping Mall – another great life lesson about making money choices!

Ms. Smith has worked hard to support independent learning in her classroom, and it has paid off. Additionally, she emphasizes the Genie’s Rules and has noticed that students are exhibiting these positive behaviors outside of RM City time. Group collaboration is encouraged in order to build confidence and success and is increasing as students reach out to help each other with the challenging B and C-Level problems in RM City.

“During the RM City Guided study, I keep an eye on metrics reports averages and call students back if they begin to fall. I offer points for those who do not skip theories or solutions,” she explains. “If solutions are skipped, I call them back to my desk and give them a warning. I also follow their curriculum progress and reward with prizes as they hit 25 percent, 30 percent and so on.”

As a first-year Reasoning Mind teacher, we are extremely impressed with how Ms. Smith has integrated RM City with her own classroom management systems and appreciate all of the hard work she does for her students all year round!

Post submitted by Suzette Hackett, Implementation Coordinator, and Audrey Pitonak-Goff, Implementation Coordinator



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