Nathaniel Rounds
Director of Curriculum
Nathaniel Rounds is Director of Curriculum at Reasoning Mind, where he leads a talented team in the creation of engaging online lessons modeled on the pedagogical practices of expert math teachers. Before joining Reasoning Mind, Nathaniel taught math at the university level for nearly a decade, including as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Purdue and Indiana Universities. While teaching, he discovered a consistent trend: his students lacked the math knowledge and skills needed to succeed in his classes—many could not even add fractions, much less learn Calculus! He therefore diverted his efforts toward building better math foundations in K-12, and found a perfect fit at Reasoning Mind. Nathaniel holds a bachelor’s in mathematics and philosophy from Haverford College and a PhD in mathematics from Stony Brook University. He fenced saber for six years and, as he now has two children under the age of three, cherishes his opportunities to sit down for meals and sleep.