Reasoning Mind For Parents

Reasoning Mind is the perfect solution for parents looking for a tool to help their children excel in math. Reasoning Mind is used in schools around the country, and it can now be used at home as well. You can monitor your child’s progress directly through the system, and you will also receive a weekly email report.

It offers a rigorous curriculum.

Any math program is only as good as the curriculum behind it. Technology alone does not improve student performance. Reasoning Mind’s curriculum has been carefully designed to provide a solid math foundation and to prepare students for algebra.

Students working on computers
It's flexible.

Reasoning Mind adjusts to your schedule. Unlike signing up for classes at a tutoring center, you don’t have to spend time driving your student to class or stick to someone else’s schedule. Maximize learning time right at home in 45 minutes a day.

Knowing why math class matters makes a difference for student achievement.
It's adaptable.

Mathematics education doesn’t come in a “one size fits all” package. Reasoning Mind’s rigorous curriculum adapts to your child’s needs, whether she is advanced, intermediate, or struggling.

It provides instant feedback.

The system displays a full explanation for every problem so students understand how and why they answered it correctly or incorrectly. We think this feedback is key to student comprehension and success.

It builds critical thinking skills.

In order to succeed in the information age, it is not enough to know how. To successfully transfer knowledge to other disciplines, students need to understand why. Reasoning Mind teaches your child the concepts behind the skill.

It offers unlimited access.

Students can spend as much time in the system working through the curriculum as they want during any given session. 


We offer both a monthly subscription plan and a one-year plan. With either plan, your student receives full access to Reasoning Mind’s online curriculum, and you receive free email and phone support for the duration of your subscription.

There is a 30-day money-back period for both plans; if you decide to cancel within the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund.

Monthly Subscription
One-Year Plan
Cost of tuition:
$20 per student
Family discount:
$15 for the second student
$10 for any student thereafter
Cost of tuition:
$200 per student
Family discount:
$150 for the second student
$100 for any student thereafter
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“My kids started using RM City ~4 years ago. My daughter had problems with math at school at that time and I was considering different options including putting her in an evening math school. Eventually I decided to open RM City accounts for my kids because we can use it at our convenience, the program is consistent, it has both tutorial and problem part, it covers all the necessary subjects and kids can use it as much as they are available for the lessons at any time. Within a few months my daughter’s math problems have been solved. My son completed Basic III (Grade 6) last summer before he actually moved to 6th grade. His State tests results put him in 100th and 99th percentiles in 2012 and 2013, respectively. My daughter is still working on Basic III as she is also in 6th grade now, her State test results last year put her in 96th percentile.”
– Art A., Scarsdale, NY
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