Senior Management

Photograph of Alex Khachatryan.


If Reasoning Mind is a team of scholars, Alex is our dean. He co-founded Reasoning Mind with his family in 2000 and continues to lead the charge toward making our mission a reality. After immigrating to the U.S. from the former Soviet Union as a refugee, Alex led Texas A&M’s artificial intelligence lab before going on to run a successful consulting firm with his wife, Julia. He holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in mathematics from the Moscow Oil and Gas Institute and a doctorate in physics from Moscow State University. After mathematics, Alex’s favorite creative pastime is dramatic theatre.

JULIA KHACHATRYAN Co-Founder and Senior VP

Our organization’s creative maestro, Julia has played a central role in Reasoning Mind’s success from the beginning. Wearing many hats, Julia oversees program usability and quality control, and also leads our art and design functions—filling our programs (and our office) with the creative spirit.  Her team of talented artists, designers, and voice actors ensures our students are captivated by math. Julia has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in petroleum engineering from the Moscow Oil and Gas Institute, and began her career as a research scientist, authoring numerous technical papers. In her spare time, Julia enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, and teaching her brilliant poodle—Toozik—new tricks.

Photograph of Julia Khachatryan.
Photograph of Tim Tarrillion.

TIM TARRILLION Chief Operating Officer and VP of Finance

Tim is Reasoning Mind’s numbers and operations guru, bringing more than 35 years of management experience and expertise to the team. After a successful career growing various other companies and organizations as their founder, CEO, COO, or other senior management member, Tim decided to apply his skills in an area he’s passionate about: STEM education. When he’s not working, Tim enjoys spending time with his family, improving his golf game, and designing residential homes as an amateur architect. He holds a chemical engineering degree from Rice University and an M.B.A. from Harvard.

YURI BELIKOV Chief System Architect and VP of Software Development

Yuri is Reasoning Mind’s IT-maven, overseeing all aspects of our software development and technology infrastructure. Yuri started as a software engineer in 1996, and has worked as a project manager, software development manager, and software architect. Yuri likes to solve complex math problems and riddles, especially in geometry, and enjoys helping his children learn math. When he’s not working, Yuri spends his time away from the computer reading classic literature, doing handiwork on his family country-house, and playing sports with his three children.

Photograph of Yuri Belikov.
Photograph of Lisa Smith.

LISA SMITH VP of School Partnerships

Reasoning Mind’s office “rockstar,” Lisa is in charge of bringing our programs to more students by creating partnerships with schools and districts across the country. She began her career as a math teacher before going on to work for a variety of educational publishers, most recently as national VP for K-12 math at Pearson (where she won VP of the year in 2014). Lisa earned a double-major in math and math education from the University of Minnesota and a master’s in professional development from the University of Wisconsin. When she’s not traveling the country to bring Reasoning Mind to more students, Lisa can be found rocking out at concerts with her husband, Troy.

STEVEN GAUDINO VP of Program and Product Management

Tireless education advocate by day, salsa-dancing extraordinaire by night, Steven is in charge of Reasoning Mind’s Program and Product Management divisions, overseeing our program’s full lifecycles from inception through implementation and improvement. Prior to his current role, Steven was essential in developing Reasoning Mind’s Implementation Department, which partners with campuses to provide both virtual and in-person support throughout the year. Steven holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Chicago, and was drawn to Reasoning Mind because of his desire to help more children learn to think critically and logically.

Photograph of Steven Gaudino.
Photograph of Andrey Romashov.

ANDREY ROMASHOV VP of Curriculum Development

Turning out pedagogically top-notch math programs is no easy task, but Andrey tackles this challenge with gusto. As VP of Curriculum Development, Andrey assembles and oversees a team of mathematicians, master teachers, and pedagogy experts in their collaborative effort to produce the best possible math content for students. With two degrees in applied math and physics, Andrey is passionate both about the subject matter and the necessity of bringing quality instruction to more students. He’s also Reasoning Mind’s reigning table tennis champion.

KONSTANTIN GUARIAN Head of Moscow Branch

Konstantin heads Reasoning Mind’s Moscow branch, where much of the organization’s software development is conducted. He handles the office’s business, personnel, and accounting activities. In addition to his management specialties, Konstantin holds a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree in computer science, and has published nearly 40 professional articles on computer networks, database management systems, and artificial intelligence.  A renaissance man, Konstantin enjoys world travel (Italy is his favorite destination), the theater, and photography.

Photograph of Konstantin Guarian


Photograph of Stephanie Alvarez.

Stephanie Alvarez
Accounting Controller
Photograph of Jeanette Beninati

Jeanette Beninati
Director of Product Marketing
Photograph of Tess Carrithers

Tess Carrithers
Director of Tutoring
Photograph of Caitlin Hoffman.

Caitlin Hoffman
Director of Implementation
Photograph of Julie Keating.

Julie Keating
Chief of Staff
Photograph of Victor Kostyuk.

Victor Kostyuk
Director of Learning Analytics
Photograph of Monique Lord.

Monique Lord
Director of Human Resources
Photograph of William McGuinness.

William McGuinness
Director of Product Management
Photograph of Jake Resetarits.

Jake Resetarits
Government Relations Director
Photograph of Nathaniel Rounds.

Nathaniel Rounds
Director of Knowledge Engineering

Regional Leadership

Photograph of Audrey Pitonak-Goff.

Audrey Pitonak-Goff
Regional Manager for West Virginia
Photograph of James Talarico.

James Talarico
Executive Director for Central Texas