A successful mathematics education program requires great teachers.

Today’s teachers face higher demands with too few resources. They are handed a curriculum, told to create lessons plans, and expected to manage a classroom of students who all learn differently – and prepare them for the high-stakes state assessment.

Reasoning Mind has created a classroom in which teachers can spend more time working with individual students and small groups and less time grading homework and creating assignments. It’s like moving from an open cockpit bi-wing plane to a new 787.

How Reasoning Mind
Benefits Teachers
Actionable, real-time data

Our dashboard of live student performance metrics helps teachers pinpoint exactly when to intervene with one-on-one or small group instruction.

Automated assessments

Our system eliminates the burdens of administrative duties such as generating, grading, and reviewing student assignments and homework.

Professional development

Courses covering teaching techniques, blended learning methods, and math content are designed to help teachers collaborate and build skills.

Reasoning Mind has spent more than a decade creating a full solution for mathematics instruction for grades PK—7. We’re not just another vendor — we’re a partner, mission-driven, here to help you work within your instruction model and scheduling needs.

Learn more:

  • How we support teachers with hands-on implementation management, relevant professional development, and real-time student data.
  • Why our curriculum is created by master teachers and mathematicians — not software developers.
  • Why students love learning math with Reasoning Mind.
  • How we have improved outcomes for thousands of students.
“I would tell a school district that’s looking at adopting Reasoning Mind that it is probably the single best choice they will make in math curriculum. Teachers feel like their students are really learning; they feel like they’ve been given the tools to do the job, and they’re seeing the results on their test scores. They’re seeing students who understand math.”
– Gayle Fallon, President, Houston Federation of Teachers
“One of the many strengths of Reasoning Mind is that it is individualized for each student. My students were motivated from day one to the last day of school. The data I was able to obtain from the students’ work was fabulous. I could really understand and evaluate the students’ strengths and weaknesses. I have been teaching for 24 years and it is the BEST program I have ever seen.”
– Cindy Wayne, Teacher, Mary Moore Elementary


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