Curriculum creation process

Expert Teachers

write a full lesson plan for every objective. They share all of their notes from years of experience, such as how to detect common mistakes, challenge gifted students, and guide note-taking for the lesson.

Knowledge Engineers

who hold advanced degrees in mathematics or physics, translate the lesson plan into functional requirements for a computer-based, adaptive experience.


build the lessons in the Reasoning Mind digital platform, bringing to life the characters that guide students through the learning environment.

Writers and Designers

make the lessons student-friendly. They create the characters’ engaging personalities and make sure the stories are captivating and age-appropriate.

Reasoning Mind’s online math curriculum…
  • covers grades 2-7.
  • is aligned with Common Core State Standards and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
  • is flexible enough to use as a core curriculum or an ancillary program.
  • is effective as enrichment for advanced students and remediation for struggling students.
  • is successful in traditional school, after-school, and home environments.
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