What's it like being a Reasoning Mind Teacher?

“With Reasoning Mind, I do more individualized teaching now, in a single class period, than my colleagues probably do in a month.”

– Becky Schiller, 5th Grade Teacher, Angleton ISD

“All in all, Reasoning Mind is wonderful and I wouldn’t want another math curriculum for my 5th graders. It is rigorous and mind provoking for EVERYONE, including me.”

– Anne Mechler, M.Ed., 5th Grade Teacher, J. Erik Jonsson

“I have been teaching for 24 years and it is the BEST program I have ever seen. It benefits the teacher, students, and the school”

– Cindy Wayne, 4th Grade Teacher, Arlington ISD

“It’s a blast. Wear comfortable shoes because you never sit down. The time flies because you are working and having fun.”

– Becky Schiller, 5th Grade Teacher, Angleton ISD

Reasoning Mind creates blended learning programs that bring together the best of teaching and technology. These programs automate many routine tasks making teaching more efficient, which enables you to do more of what you do best – teach.

Our goal is to use technology to empower teachers. We do this in a variety of ways:

Formative Assessments
  • Automatic, constant assessments differentiated for each student’s individual pace and achievement level.
  • Automatic grading and reporting of all assignments.
  • Automatic report card grades calculated from your own rubric.
Instructional Efficiency
  • Increased student time on task.
  • During small group instruction, 100% of the other students are fully engaged with their own learning.
  • More student engagement leads to fewer discipline problems.
Immediate Feedback
  • Real-time data allows you to plan more targeted instruction for small groups and individual students.
Development & Support
  • On-campus, in-person support from dedicated Reasoning Mind personnel on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • In-depth initial training followed by high quality professional development throughout the year.
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