How much instructional time is lost collecting and analyzing student data?

As all teachers know, gathering student data is time consuming. Giving a quiz or test, grading it, recording the results, and then analyzing the results to inform your instruction all takes time – valuable time that could be spent with your students.

Since Reasoning Mind’s programs are online, every keystroke can be immediately analyzed – you don’t have to wait more than a second for it to be recorded, graded, and broken down for you to use.

These reports give real-time data on class and student progress, from overall results down to individual problems. This comprehensive data helps you tailor your instruction to the needs of each and every child.

Reasoning Mind teachers commonly use student data to plan targeted instruction for individuals and small groups since the rest of the class can be fully engaged in their own learning while you work with small groups.

Screenshot: Teachers using the math blended learning program, Foundations, can view detailed reports of student progress on a variety of metrics.
You can quickly see which students are struggling on what topics, even exact problems – all without having to give a single test or benchmark. Using formative assessments in this way saves valuable instructional time.
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