Reasoning Mind is supported by the generous contributions of
many foundations and philanthropists.

$4,000,000 and above

The Cockrell Foundation and family

ExxonMobil Foundation

The Hoglund Foundation and family

Houston Endowment

State of Texas


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Brown Foundation, Inc.

Department of Education – Institute of Education Sciences

The Ewing Halsell Foundation

Highland Capital Management

Lyda Hill Foundation


American Electric Power Foundation

The Brockman Foundation

David Weekley Family Foundation


EOG Resources

Harold Simmons Foundation

M.D. Anderson Foundation

Perot Foundation

S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas


The Anne & C.W.Duncan, Jr. Foundation and family

BP America Inc.

The Cullen Foundation

The Fondren Foundation

George & Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation

The Hamill Foundation

Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

The Meadows Foundation, Inc.

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

The Moody Foundation

Robert H. and Annie Graham

Rockwell Fund, Inc.

Stanford and Joan Alexander Family Fund


Amegy Bank of Texas

Charles C. Butt

Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation

The Clayton Fund

The Elkins Foundation

George and Fay Young Foundation

The Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation

Greater Texas Foundation

Hawn Foundation, Inc.

Hoblitzelle Foundation

Joe B. Foster Family Foundation

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Marathon Oil Corporation

NewSchools Venture Fund

Rainwater Charitable Foundation

The Rees-Jones Foundation

The RGK Foundation

The Robert and Nancy Dedman Foundation

Scurlock Foundation

Sid W. Richardson Foundation

Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.

Virginia and L.E. Simmons Foundation

Wayne Duddlesten Foundation


Bank of America Foundation

The Boone Family Foundation

Bowers Foundation

Communities Foundation of Texas

Cyvia & Melvyn Wolff Family Foundation

Energy Partners Fund

Fayez Sarofim

The Foshee Family Charitable Fund

Harriet & Joe Foster Foundation

Hawk Family Fund

Hillcrest Foundation

Hillsdale Fund, Inc.

Jim and Judy Gibbs

Modern Group, LTD. / Will and Joy Crenshaw

Murry and Polly Bowden

The Powell Foundation

Ray C. Fish Foundation

The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation

Walter and Yvonne Johnson Charitable Fund


Alex and Julia Khachatryan
Bobby and Phoebe Tudor
Bruce and Carole Bilger
The Dallas Foundation
ED Foundation
ExxonMobil Corporation
The Fant Foundation
George Foundation
Hunter and Stephanie Hunt
M.D. Matthews Charitable Foundation
The Miles Foundation
The Raul Tijerina Jr. Foundation
Richard and Patti Everett
The Samuels Foundation
Silver Eagle Distributors Charitable Fund
Strake Foundation
Wachovia Foundation
The William A. and Madeline W. Smith Foundation


Alan M. and Lauren B. Dachs
Bill and Kelly Montgomery
Edward and Chinhul Allen
Energy XXI
Fluor Foundation
Gary and Elizabeth Petersen
George and Madelyn Farris
Gerald and Sylvia McElvy / McElvy Family Fund
Ginger Barber Inc.
Gregory and Ronda Brenneman
Harris Foundation
Hobby Family Foundation
The Holthouse Foundation for Kids
Hunt Consolidated, Inc.
Jim and Shirley Dannenbaum
Joe and Harriet Foster
Kinder Morgan Foundation
The Lightner Sams Foundation, Inc.
Linda and Jerry Strickland Family Foundation
The Lyons Foundation
Matt and Rosemarie Johnson
M.B. & Edna Zale Foundation
The McKaco Charitable Foundation
Medisend International
Michael and Louise Burke
Michael Jusbasche
The Mutt Foundation
Neal and Joni Lane
ORIX Foundation
The Ralph H. & Ruth J. McCullough Foundation
Roy & Christine Sturgis Charitable Trust
San Antonio Regional Public PK-12 Education Forum
The Simmons Foundation
Southwest Bank of Texas
Steve and Laura Jones
Trinity University
Triten Steel Corporation
Vinson & Elkins, L.L.P.
The W.P. & Bulah Luse Foundation
Western Digital Foundation


Anne and John Mendelsohn
Anne Lamkin Kinder Foundation
Beth Robertson
Beverly and Staman Ogilvie Family Fund
Bill Jackman
Butch and Carmen Mach
Caring Friends, Inc.
The Daisy Fund
Daryl and Elizabeth Allen
Dennis Goehring
Doug and Sarah Foshee
Drew and Julie Alexander
Forney Construction
Gus and Karen Comiskey, Jr.
Harry Lucas, Jr.
Harry Mach III
HEB Tournament of Champions Charitable Trust
The Holloway Family Foundation
Irina L. Zilberfayin
Jane McCord
John and Denise McCrae
Joseph and Lisa Turano
Larry and Mary Ann Faulkner
Leo and Ellen Linbeck III
The Marcello Lotti Foundation
McCombs Foundation
The Methodist Hospital System
Michael and Veronica Curran
The Mike & Mary Terry Family Foundation
Nelson Broms
Robert T. Ladd
The Shackouls Family Foundation
Shield-Ayres Foundation
Steve Holditch
Tellepsen Builders, L.P.
The Thomas Kinder and Martha W. Farris Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Virginia and L.E. Simmons
Wilhelmina Robertson


Air Liquide Electronics
Alexandra McGuinness
Andrea Foggy-Paxton
Anthony DeLuca
Ashley and Pepper Edens
Bill and Cristie McCartney
Bill and Stephanie Perkins
Camp and Sheri Bailey
Carolyn Summers
Clayton Erikson
Crossley Mears
David and Christine Underwood, Jr.
David and Joanne Bole
David and Kathy Childress
David and Pamela Ott
Denise Monteleone
Dr. Sylvester Gates
Ellen and Paige Cokinos
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Francoise and Edward Djerejian
Gary and Carolyn Tanner
George and Kathy Britton
Glen and Steve Gonzalez
Greg and Hilda Curran
Hardy and Amy Murchison
Harry and Karen Susman
Houston Technology Center
J.B. and Marita Fairbanks
Jack and Leslie Blanton, Jr.
James and Susan Baker III
James Brani
James Trousdale
Jason and Celina Stabell
Jay and Mary Davis
Jeremy and Caroline Finkelstein
Jimmy Wynn
Joe and Diana Mattingly
Joseph C. and Susie Dilg
Karen and Bobbitt Noel
Kevin Alexander
Kevin and Katy Holt
Lyle and Andrea Eastham
Marilyn M. Falkenhagen
Marlot Foundation
Marvin and Mariloli Odum
Matthew Wolfgang
McDermott International, Inc.
Michael and Andrea Walsh
Michael Dee
Mike and Krista Dumas
Milton T. and Jennie Graves
Ned and Hilary Crady
Ned and Laura Davenport
North Texas Giving Day Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas
Parker and Penny Gregg

Pat Barber

Peter and Mary Faye Way
Petrello Family Foundation
Ralph and Jennie Hull
Richard and Ann Vaughan
Richard and Susan Keeton
Ronald DePihno and Lynda Chin
S. Malcolm Gillis
Salb and Gina Saour
Sarah Rayford
Schwab Charitable Fund
Shannon and Leslie Sasser
Software-Commercialization & Innovation Center
Stan and Reinnette Marek, Jr.
Susan G. Baker
Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP
Thad and Margaret Hill
Trevor and Karen Turbidy
Truett and Harriet Latimer
Ty and Christine Hoffer
United Way of Anchorage
W. Carroll Jackson
Walter and Mary Crain III
Walter and Susan Pye
Wells Fargo Foundation
Zachry Brown

$999 and below

Aaron McLendon
Adriana Fernancez
Alicia Jones
Allison Korinek
Amaya Capellan
Amazon Smile Foundation
American Petroleum Institute
Amit Goldstein
Andrew Jancaric
Andrey Chernokun
Andrey Romashov
Ann C. Rogers
Apache Corporation
Austin Deakins
Barbara and Anthony Aliquo
Ben McAndrew
Bill Sharman
Bob Harvey
Bob Rehm and Marsha Tunnell
Bonnie L. Longnion
Brittany Raetzman
C. Richard Stasney, MD
Calvin Reynolds
Carla Knobloch
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Caroline Mitchell
Causecast Foundation
Celanese Corporation
Cherry Cook-Scott
Cheryl Hawes
Christopher Click
Christopher Minnes
Chuck Tsen
City of Houston Combined Municipal Campaign
Clark Taylor
Clayton and Gable Roby
Cody Schultz
Consuelo B. Campbell
Corinne Minshew
Courtney Rogers
Currie and Anne Bechtol
Daniel Wilderotter
Daphne Williams
Dave and Tami Wall
David Christeson
David and Jo Francis Roark
David and Joanna Ganiear
David Roark
Deanna Rogers
Deborah B.Lackey
Deborah Holmes
Deborah Mansfield
Debra D. King
Denton and Carolyn Newham
Denver Martin
Derek Hopf
Diana Tang
Dick and Nuala Haddox
Donna Denison
Douglas S. Craig
Dr. L.K. and Lucy Croft
Drew Travis
Earl Simpkins
Eddie Huang
Edward H. Withers
Ellen Carlon
Ellen Terry
Eric J. Pulaski Philanthropic Fund
Erik Schafer
Estate of Consuelo B. Campbell
Fahad Punjwani
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Federico Espinosa
Florian Kohl
Frederick Shack
Gabriela Crespo
Gail Armstrong
Gale and Gay Oliver
Gary and Linnae Kob
George and Marcela Khachatryan
Gerald J. Bush
Giap T. Nguyen
Greater Horizons
Gwendolyn J. Hamilton
Hannah Jeffers
Harvin and Janet Moore
Heath and Cherie Burns
HP Company Foundation
Ingrid Taubert Barrier
Isaac Durand
J. William and Kathleen Sharman
Jack and Roberta Williamson
Jack M. Gill
Jaclyn Youngblood
Jan Mulqueeny
Jeff and Stacie Allen
Jenny Konvicka
Jesse Davila
Jesse L. Tyson
Jimmie James
Joanne and Peter Linden
Joe Levit Family Foundation
John and Caroline Mitchell
John and Jennifer Corrigan
John and Kristen Berger
John and Tama Klosek
Jon and Cheryl Fleming
Jonathan Simmons
Joshua Stillman
Julia Trabert
Julian Mensah
Julie Fry
Karen Rogers
Kari Garrick
Kathryn Brannen
Katy Phillips
Keryl L. Douglas
Kevin and April Bailey
Kevin Rammage
Kristen Berger
Kristin Evanto
Kristina Bacci
Kristopher Walsh
Kroger Community Rewards Program
Laura Penney and Jordan Dupuis
Laurie Feinswog
Leah Terry
Lee and Beth Schlanger
Leigh Mingle
Leon and Vivian Grimes
Leonard James III
Leslie Martinez
Lincoln Sedlacek
Linda Youngblood
Liz Johnson
LouAnne Kellman
Louis Moser
Lucy Croft
Lynda and Jerry Beckett
Lynette Campbell
Mac and B.D. McAndrew III
Mamadou Sanou Diallo
Marcy E. Taub
Mariano and Laura Gonzalez
Mark Campbell
Mary Ashmore
Mary Ralph Lowe and Charlie Flanders
Mary Sapp
Maryann & Frank Mihalopoulos and family
Michael and Melissa Mithoff
Michael Meyers
Michael Milliken
Michael Rowe
Michael Trulu
Michael Von Korff
Mike Feinberg and Colleen Dippel
Mike Jin
Mildred Carrethers
Nancy Dunlap
Nancy Lauritsen
Nicki Britton
Occidental Petroleum
Olivia and Mark Fisher
Pat Carrithers
Patricia Allred Thomas
Paul and Cathy Chapman
Paul and Frances Harmon
Paul Bernhard
PayPal Giving Fund
Peter Gwynn-Sackson
Peter Yan
Quinn Pondexter
Randall’s Food Markets
Razoo Foundation
RealPage, Inc.
Rebecca Buell
Rene Grimes
Renée White
Richard and Alexandra Paterson
Robert Wakerly
Roman Popov
Rotem Yossef
Russell and Lisa Roberts
Rustem Shaykhutdinov
Ryan Hacker
Schlesinger Associates
Seth and Suzanne Morris
Seth M. Plunk
Share Your Share
Sharon Campbell
Sixto A. Wagan Jr.
Sriniveditha Shivakkumaran
Stephen and Elizabeth Chen
Stephen Christeson
Steven Gaudino
Stewart and Soozie Bul
Suzanne K. Morris
Tania Diaz
The Giving Library
Thomas Neubauer
Tim Holan
Todd and Kelly Jirovec
Tom Torkelson
Tracey Beckett
Tracy DePadova
United Methodist Men of La Grange
Victoria Crawford
W. Robert and Elizabeth Houston
William and Stephanie Dusek
Yuri Belikov

In-Kind Contributions

A Fare Extraordinaire
Akamai Foundation, Inc.
Arnolds Furniture
Atlassian Pty Ltd.
Barnaba & Associates
Belle Events
Bergner and Johnson Design
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bonnie and David Weekley
Cisco Systems
DIS Technologies
E. Ashley Smith
Ellen Cokinos Consulting
Fair Isaac Corporation
Frito-Lay North America, Inc.
Hotel ZaZa
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Houston Technology Center
Houston Texans
John F. Stevens
Kathleen Woods
Microsoft Corporation
Oracle Corporation
Russian Petroleum Consultants Corp. Foundation
SeaOne Maritime Corp.
Shara Fryer
Sungard (Vericenter)
Swagger Films
T-Shirts Etc.
Tiff’s Treats
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
Vinson & Elkins, L.L.P.