Texas Education Agency Selects Reasoning Mind to Partner in Math Innovation Zones Initiative

April 4, 2018

Texas Education Agency Selects Reasoning Mind to Partner in Math Innovation Zones Initiative

One of Only Four Vendors Chosen; Only Texas-Based Provider of Blended Learning Solutions Harnesses World’s Greatest Math Minds to Deliver Unrivaled Curriculum

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) recently selected non-profit Reasoning Mind as one of only four preferred vendors – – the only Texas-based provider of blended learning solutions – – for the upcoming TEA Math Innovation Zone initiative.

The goal of the Math Innovation Zone program is to dramatically increase math achievement throughout Texas and provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate true mastery of mathematical concepts utilizing proven blended learning instructional methods.

“We applaud the TEA for starting these Math Innovation Zones and are honored to be the only Texas-based provider of blended learning solutions chosen,” said Gregg Fleisher, President and CEO of Reasoning Mind.

According to the TEA, small start-up grants will be provided to Local Education Agencies (LEA) to support the initial implementation. Math Innovation Zone sites will begin their blended learning pilots at the start of the 2018-2019 academic school year.

“Our mission is to provide a first-rate math education for every pre-kindergarten and elementary school child in Texas and throughout the United States,” Fleisher said. “We will work closely with each designated Math Innovation Zone site to make sure they have access to our award-winning solutions.”

Where Results and a Love of Math and Learning is Elementary and Fun for our Students and Teachers

In addition to being the only Texas-based provider of blended learning solutions, Reasoning Mind’s curriculum is the only one developed by harnessing the best practices and pedagogies of the world’s most effective math teachers. “We reverse engineer this entire process into a blended learning system that replicates these most effective practices and experiences,” Fleisher said.

“For school’s that partner with us, students fall in love with math and prepare to excel in testing, and teachers are provided with the necessary support to get their students to excel even further. We sit down with every teacher to detail how Reasoning Mind works, and we provide in-person, virtual and self-paced professional development and specialized instructions on how to plan effective interventions, the most effective ways to motivate students and best practices on teaching special student populations.”

Reasoning Mind Provides the Blueprint and Foundation for Math Success

For Math Innovation Zone students in pre-kindergarten through first grade, math will come alive with Reasoning Mind’s Blueprint program  – in English and Spanish –  that immerses them in a virtual world filled with music, animations, relatable characters and situations that allow them to connect what they are learning to their own personal experiences. The carefully-designed curriculum, developed by expert mathematicians, consists of more than 100 lessons per grade level, supporting the teacher’s core curriculum.

Reasoning Mind’s Foundations program for second through fifth graders, focuses on developing number and operation sense, critical thinking abilities, and problem-solving skills needed to be successful in later grades. New concepts are carefully explained, building on prior knowledge and providing plenty of examples, as students learn math in an engaging, animated world at their own pace. The highly interactive instructional materials ensure students follow along and understand the underlying ideas.

2nd – 8th Graders Prepare for STAAR with TEKS-Aligned and Adaptive STAAR Readiness Program

For second through eighth graders who are preparing for the STAAR, Reasoning Mind’s STAAR Readiness program is TEKS-aligned and adaptive, providing individualized, interactive lessons and problem-practice on questions formatted and worded just like those on the actual STAAR exam.

Reasoning Mind’s team of math PhDs and master teachers reviewed and analyzed every STAAR problem released and reverse-engineered the state expectations for each TEKS. The program not only precisely captures the content, rigor, wording and format of Texas state expectations, it bridges the gap between the material as it is taught in the student’s math class and the kinds of questions seen on the STAAR.

Teachers choose from a range of different assignments – – interactive lessons, problem practice (with feedback), or full practice tests (without immediate feedback, like the STAAR) – – making it easy for teachers to address each student’s needs, whether for review, individual practice, diagnostics, or small-group rotations.

“Since 2000, Reasoning Mind has inspired, excited and empowered elementary school students and teachers across the country by instilling in them a love for math and learning,” Fleisher said. “We are thrilled with the prospect of doing the same for the TEA Math Innovation Zones initiative.”


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