Gregg Fleisher to Be Appointed as New CEO of Reasoning Mind

November 29, 2017

Gregg FleisherGregg Fleisher, a nationally-recognized expert in the development and delivery of high-quality math and science education, will become Reasoning Mind’s new President and Chief Executive Officer effective January 1st, 2018.

“Gregg has a tireless passion for ensuring that all students have the educational resources they need to develop higher-order reasoning skills, a love for math and the foundation for lifelong learning,” said Bruce R. Bilger, Chairman of the Reasoning Mind Board of Trustees. “His enthusiasm and his national network of education leaders will contribute greatly to the growth and impact of our work.”

Fleisher becomes Reasoning Mind’s second CEO in the organization’s 17-year history. Co-founder and CEO Alex Khachatryan will work closely with him and continue to focus on developing and supporting Reasoning Mind’s programs, which have been lauded by the country’s best mathematicians and researchers.

“Reasoning Mind has been my life’s work for the past two decades, and I’ve had no greater joy than leading our team in developing successful online math programs and bringing those programs to schools,” Alex said. “Now more than ever, I believe our organization is positioned to rapidly grow enrollment across the country. Gregg has great expertise and an incredible track record in helping effective nonprofits scale nationally. I am very excited about his leadership for this next stage of Reasoning Mind’s development.”

Reasoning Mind designs and delivers interactive, online blended learning programs that develop students’ higher-order thinking, ignite their interest in math, and prepare them for advanced courses like algebra – the “gatekeeper” to college.

In addition, Reasoning Mind offers ongoing professional development, training, and in-person support for teachers and administrators using its programs.

“We focus on elementary and early secondary math because it develops students’ ability to reason logically, solve problems, separate fact from fiction, and distill ideas,” said Ernie Cockrell, Chairman Emeritus of the Reasoning Mind Board of Trustees. “These are life skills necessary for success in college, career, and beyond. Gregg has focused on math and teaching his entire adult life and understands how both contribute to personal and community wellbeing.”

Gregg Fleisher is a former auditor and actuary turned calculus teacher. He taught for 14 years in the Dallas Independent School District, where his work at the district level led to unprecedented student performance in Advanced Placement calculus, particularly among traditionally underserved students. In 2000, Fleisher founded the nonprofit AP Strategies and grew the organization from a $500,000, three-employee organization to a $15M, 60-employee organization in seven years. AP Strategies eventually became part of the National Math and Science Initiative, where Fleisher has worked for 10 years and is currently their President.

“Gregg is an accomplished leader with a strong track record of success.” said Forrest Hoglund, Vice Chair of Reasoning Mind’s Board of Trustees. “I’m looking forward to the experience and expertise Gregg will bring to Reasoning Mind enabling us to impact millions of students in the future.”

About Reasoning Mind
Reasoning Mind is a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to providing a first-rate math education for every child. The organization designs interactive, online mathematics programs for students that develop higher-order thinking skills, ignite their interest in math, and prepare them for algebra—the “gatekeeper” course to college. In addition, Reasoning Mind offers ongoing professional development, training, and in-person support for teachers and administrators using its programs. With Reasoning Mind, students are engaged, teachers are empowered, and technology is leveraged to provide a world-class mathematics education. Learn more at

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