Nonprofit Reasoning Mind Launches North Texas Regional Board

October 30, 2017

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Reasoning Mind is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit developing effective, engaging online math programs. The organization is launching a regional board to support its operations in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding region.

DALLAS, TX—Reasoning Mind launched a regional board in North Texas yesterday, building upon the nonprofit’s work in the region and increasing its ability to support math education throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding area.

For more than a decade, Reasoning Mind has been developing online math programs and helping educators implement them in their schools. The organization has collaborated with schools and districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since its early years, working to help students across the region master mathematics. Progress and success has always been due to collaboration; Reasoning Mind has been committed to working with districts and schools to meet their individual needs.

With the North Texas Regional Board, Reasoning Mind tends to build on that success, strengthening connections between Reasoning Mind, North Texas educators, local business and community leaders, and philanthropists who want to improve the region’s math education programs. Members of the board include:

  • Randall Crowley, Chairman (Senior Managing Director, Deloitte)
  • Doug Deason (President, Deason Capital Services)
  • Jim Dondero (Co-Founder and President, Highland Capital Management, L.P.)
  • Cathy Golden (Vice President, Crow Holdings; General Manager, Old Parkland)
  • Forrest Hoglund (Chairman and CEO, SeaOne Holdings; President, The Hoglund Foundation)
  • Gerald McElvy (Retired President, ExxonMobil Foundation)
  • Michael McMahan (Vice President of Corporate Planning and Development, George W. Bush Presidential Center)
  • Bob Mong (President, UNT Dallas)
  • Dale Petroskey (President and CEO, Dallas Regional Chamber)
  • Nicole Small (Executive Director, Lyda Hill Foundation)

One of the board’s first priorities will be to greatly improve math education in pre-K through Grade 1.

“So many studies have shown the importance of a strong math education even as early as pre-K,” says Adam Powell, Reasoning Mind Executive Director of North Texas. “A robust understanding of basic math concepts in those years prepares students for elementary math. And those gains multiply in high school, college, and beyond.”

Reasoning Mind’s newest program, Blueprint, is for students in pre-K through first grade and builds a conceptual understanding of math concepts essential to future success in mathematics. The rigorous curriculum covers numbers, operations, geometry, spatial sense, logical reasoning, measurement, algebraic thinking, and solving word problems. While the program has only been in use for a little under a year, students and teachers alike have reported loving it, with schools saying their PK-1 students are making amazing progress.

“One of our first orders of business will be raising enough money to give access to Reasoning Mind Blueprint to every pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade classroom in the region,” said Forrest Hoglund. “Our youngest students have amazing potential, and I know North Texas’ teachers are up to the task of helping them excel in math, but we have to give them the resources they need to succeed. I think Reasoning Mind Blueprint is going to help us take early math education to the next level.”

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Reasoning Mind
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