6 Funny Word Problems Celebrating Math Storytelling Day

September 26, 2017

Yesterday was Math Storytelling Day! We celebrated the event by taking to social media with six of our favorite (and funniest) word problems from Reasoning Mind Edifice. Did you miss them? Don’t worry – you can check out all of them below!


1. Like a Dog with a Shoe

Two dogs burying shoesA bulldog and a poodle like to bury their owner’s shoes in the backyard. The bulldog buries 5 shoes per hour for 5 hours. The poodle buries shoes for 2 hours, and buries 9 more shoes in total than the bulldog. How many shoes does the poodle bury per hour?


2. A Hair-Raising Class

Students watching a teacher with a spider in her hairIn a classroom, 3 times as many students were watching the teacher as were watching the spider in the teacher’s hair. After 7 more students noticed the spider, there were an equal number of students watching the teacher and the spider. How many students were originally watching the teacher, and how many were originally watching the spider?


3. Robbing Roquefort Knox

Mice playing musical instruments and stealing cheeseA group of 300 mice made a plan to steal Farmer Jane’s cheese. According to the plan, 12% of the mice were going to steal the cheese, and the rest of the mice were going to distract Farmer Jane by performing an elaborate musical number. How many fewer mice were actually stealing Jane’s cheese, as opposed to distracting her?


4. Deliver to: Apt. K-09

Dogs chasing a mailmanA mailman was being chased by two kinds of dogs: poodles and dachshunds. 5 more poodles were chasing him than dachshunds. Write an expression showing how many dogs were chasing the mailman in total. How many dachshunds were chasing the mailman if 7 dogs were chasing him in total?


5. Giraffe Fashion Gaffe

Giraffes wearing scarvesWanting to stay warm for the winter, two giraffes bought 300 scarves. The first giraffe, which had a slightly shorter neck, bought 36 fewer scarves than the second giraffe. How many scarves did the first giraffe buy?


6. Plans Unraveled

Mummies with bandages tangled in an escalatorTrying to escape from the museum, two mummies got a combined 24 feet of bandages caught in an escalator. The second mummy got 2 times as many feet of bandages caught in the escalator as the first mummy did. Find the length of bandages each mummy got caught in the escalator.

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