Math Gifts for the Holiday Season

December 6, 2016

6 Math Gifts for the Holidays

Looking for the perfect math gifts for a math enthusiast in your life? Check out our recommendations below!

If there’s one thing we at Reasoning Mind know, it’s that shopping for a math lover can be hard. There are plenty of great math gifts, but they aren’t always front-and-center in store display windows. That’s why Reasoning Mind has assembled a list of a few of our favorite ideas of math gifts; they’re all under $30 and guaranteed to make any math enthusiast smile. (Note: If the math lover you know is also a movie lover, check out our post on some of the best math movies you could get them!)

1. The Joy of x: A Guided Tour of Math, from One to Infinity, by Steven Strogatz

Book cover of the Joy of X by Steven Strogatz, a perfect holiday gift for a math enthusiast.

With 4.5 stars and over 200 reviews, this book expands on a host of mathematical concepts in a fun, applicable way. According to Booklist, “even math phobes will find themselves swept up in the fun.”

2. Pi Pie Pan 

A pi pie pan, the perfect holiday gift for a math enthusiast.

Here’s a piece of kitchenware that’ll come in extremely handy come March 14, 2017. But by all means, give it to someone early and encourage them to use it to make a tasty holiday dessert before the year’s end!

3. Math Classroom Sign

Door sign with the text, "Warning: Math Teacher with Absolute Values" - a perfect holiday gift for a math lover.

Know a math teacher with hardline stances on things like showing your work, never giving up, and believing everyone can succeed in mathematics? Give them a sign that communicates their conviction in those beliefs.

4. Trigonometry Mug

A coffee mug with the text: "Math puns are the first SINE of madness" - a perfect holiday gift for a math enthusiast.

Math puns abound in the Reasoning Mind office, and for all we know our employees are about to make this mug completely sold out. But if there are any left, you should get one for any math humorists in your life.

5. My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles, by Martin Gardner

Cover of Martin Gardner's "My Best Mathematical and Logical Puzzles"

What’s lots of fun and written by the author of Scientific American’s “Mathematical Games” column? This puzzle book. It’ll be a great gift for anyone who loves putting their brain to work.

6. Primes Wall Clock

A circular wall clock with only prime numbers.

For the math teacher who wants to keep their students focused on math, even as they’re trying to figure out how long until class is dismissed.

Those are all the gifts we had time to find, but we welcome everyone to share their ideas in the comments! And if you want to give the gift of a first-rate math education to children across America, shop through; with Reasoning Mind designated as your charity of choice! Amazon Smile functions just like Amazon, but with Reasoning Mind selected as your charity, 0.5% of all eligible purchases will be donated to our organization.

Happy holidays!

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