Ten Ways to Keep Your Child Learning Over the Holiday Break

December 16, 2014

Happy holidays! "Holiday Bokeh" by LenDog64 is licensed under CC by 2.0.
Happy holidays! “Holiday Bokeh” by LenDog64 is licensed under CC by 2.0.

For many schools, this week is the final one before a long winter break– no homework, tests, assignments, quizzes or teachers for two weeks. This does not mean that your child should not be learning during this time, however. Make sure your child is prepared to go back to school by doing a few of these activities:

  1. Review. For Reasoning Mind students, the holiday break is a great time to review previous lessons and thousands of problems in the Wall of Mastery or practice mental math and automatic skills with speed games.
  2. Play classroom. One of the best ways to learn something is to teach it. Ask your child to play the teacher to teach you important math concepts.
  3. Ask your child’s teacher for extra worksheets or review material. Your child’s teacher will be able to make the best recommendation as to what your child should review; scour Pinterest for free downloadable worksheets on the concepts.
  4. Read these math books with your child.
  5. Watch these math movies together.
  6. Visit your local museum of natural science. 
  7. Make math a part of daily life. Reinforce the importance of math and algebra by showing your child how often you use math and logical thinking skills.
  8. Watch some Vi Hart videosThese are really interesting videos that clearly explain more complicated mathematical concepts.
  9. Ask your child to do the math on any big holiday meals. Check out our Thanksgiving post for some ideas.
  10. Host a family STEM night. Turn your regular holiday activities into STEM- and math-related fun: build a gingerbread house to practice surface area and volume formulas, make holiday baking a multiplying with fractions lesson, learn geometry with snowflakes, and practice probabilities during the dreidel game.

Do you have any activities to add to our list? Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+) to let us know how many you can complete!


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