TODAY is North Texas Giving Day! #DoTheMath

September 18, 2014

It’s finally here! Today, we’re celebrating North Texas Giving Day, an annual day of giving for the North Texas community. Here’s what you can do to help us:

The Genie loves to visit North Texas students.
  1. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  2. Share our updates with your network. Search for the #dothemath tag. We will share updates all day with a link to our page.
  3. Send an email. Let your friends and family know that you support math education for all North Texas students. Don’t forget to include a link to donate!
  4. Support us. Every dollar helps get us closer to our mission of providing every student with a first-rate math education.

Thank you to everyone who supports our work here in North Texas every day and those of you helping us spread the word for this event!

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