Back to School: Parents’ Edition

August 20, 2014

63/365: They're back
“63/365: They’re Back” by riekhavoc is licensed under CC by 2.0

Shopping for school supplies, planning carpools, signing forms, figuring out after-school activities. Does it ever stop for parents getting their kids ready for school?

Here are a few of our strategies (no errands involved) to make sure the 2014-15 school year is your child’s best yet:

  1. No more “I’m not a math person.” The best way to get your child to see that math skills can improve with hard work and effort is to lead by example.
  2. Be the student. Make an effort to not only ask your child what they learned in school, but also to teach the skill to you. Studies show this method, called “the protege effect,” makes a difference for student learning.
  3. Get organized. The decisions you make about your child’s time communicate your priorities to your child. Be deliberate in setting aside time for him or her to review homework and study with you.
  4. Review, review, review. This does not always mean reviewing last week’s worksheets every night; you can review concepts with your child doing everyday activities, like using a dinner recipe to review multiplication and division of fractions.
  5. Stay positive. Encourage your child to persevere through difficult concepts or frustrating learning experiences by staying positive yourself.

What are your goals for your child this school year? Share them with us and find out other parents’ goals on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest pages.

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