What You Need to Know About the FCC Vote

July 11, 2014

The Federal Communications Commission will discuss and likely cast a vote today to modernize the nearly two decades old E-Rate program, increasing and freeing up funds to add Wifi connections to millions of classrooms.

Three out of five schools in the U.S. lack sufficient Wifi capability, according to the agency’s proposal. The plan will remedy the “Wifi gap” through three main components:

  1. Provide $1 billion in funding in 2015-16 and another $1 billion the following year for Wifi connections. Funds for the following three years (2017-2020) will come from a transition away from outdated technology (pagers, for example).
  2. Increase efficiency and transparency of the program.
  3. Streamline the application process for schools.

For more information, check out the FAQ from the FCC about the vote.

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