2012-2013 Reasoning Mind Impact Report Released

May 23, 2014

Our students, teachers and partners worked extremely hard in the 2012-2013 school year and our research team is excited to share the results of that hard work.

Here are the key findings:

  • It works.The more objectives students successfully completed within the Reasoning Mind system, the higher they performed on average on state standardized math tests.
  • Students of all backgrounds made gains. Reasoning Mind helps students of a variety of backgrounds, including those in traditionally underperforming groups, achieve better results. In Texas’s Channelview Independent School District, for example, African American students using Reasoning Mind improved 23 percent more than the state average for that subgroup. Hispanic/Latino students using Reasoning Mind improved 66 percent more than Hispanic/Latino students in the state overall. Students receiving lunch at a reduced cost improved 115 percent more than the state average.
  • Our students’ results surpass the control groups. Reasoning Mind students outperformed the control groups by more than 6 percentage points on multiple assessments.
  • Students and teachers saw the difference. Reasoning Mind improves more than just test scores: 91 percent of Reasoning Mind students surveyed said they like learning math, and 77 percent of teachers surveyed said the program increased their effectiveness in the classroom.

Congratulations to all! Read the full report for the 2012-2013 school year. Keep track of us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for more exciting updates from our students and teachers.

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