Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Burns

May 5, 2014

Today we’re highlighting one of our outstanding San Antonio teachers for National Teacher Appreciation Week: Ms. Burns. Her third-grade classroom models how to engage and excite students about math.

Ms. Burns credits her success this year to her ability to motivate, prepare, and adapt. Here’s how she does it:

  • Motivate. By installing a large bulletin board in the hallway that features medals for high streaks, high progress, and high accuracy by class, she recognizes her students’ success and encourages friendly competition.
  • Prepare. Ms. Burns always goes above and beyond in preparing for her classes and students every week. She outlines important lessons to review with struggling students and uses each class period to conduct targeted interventions. She also makes a point to walk students through any new technology.
  • Adapt. Ms. Burns actively sought out more information so that she could adapt to challenges in her classroom. One of those challenges was having double the amount of students in a typical Reasoning Mind classroom. Ms. Burns focused on improving independent learning strategies with her students. She says she found Reasoning Mind’s professional development offerings to be exceedingly helpful.

As the semester draws to a close, Ms. Burns is excited about the improvement she has seen in her students.

“They have learned not only math skills, which we know are incredibly important, but also how to use their resources,” she said. “I really think it has encouraged them to think for themselves, and I’ve definitely seen improvement in their math skills along with that. It’s really had a double benefit.”

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Post by Charlie Deese, San Antonio Implementation Coordinator

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