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Math Coordinators

A successful mathematics program — one that prepares students for today’s standards and tomorrow’s algebra and higher-level courses — requires a full solution.


Technology is only as good as
the content behind it.

Successful mathematics instruction takes a coherent, rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum.

Games and practice problems aren’t enough.

A successful program is logical, not arbitrary; focused, not scattered; coherent, not disjointed.

Successful teachers are empowered.

They’re armed with content knowledge, pedagogical understanding, and real-time data to inform decisions.

Everyone learns

An adaptive learning path plus one-on-one time with a teacher helps struggling students catch up and advanced students deepen their knowledge.

Learning only happens when a student is engaged.

A successful program is rigorous enough to challenge students while engaging enough to keep them working on-task.

Today’s students still need to master classic techniques.

Technology is no replacement for mental math abilities, note-taking skills, and mastery of academic vocabulary.

Reasoning Mind has spent more than a decade creating world-class blended learning programs for mathematics instruction for grades PK—7. We’re not just another vendor — we’re a partner, mission-driven, here to help you work within your instruction model and scheduling needs.

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“The way Reasoning Mind encourages students to reason through problems prepares them for the real world. In fact, I believe my students will have an advantage when they take the Smarter Balanced assessment this year because they are already accustomed to working on computers and the test is all online.”
– Viki Caldwell, Principal, Davis Creek Elementary School


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